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  • Vet Tech Care
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​​​ Absolutely Pawsible

Vet Tech Care Rates...

When Fluffy doesn't feel well...

  • Administer oral medications 
  • Administer injectable medications
  • Administer topical medications
  • ​Nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression
  • Basic grooming- removing mats and basic bathing
  • Give owners tutorials on how to administer their pets meds safely
  • Daily administration of meds*: $15/visit
  • Nail Trims, Ear Cleanings, Anal Glands: $15/visit
  • Basic Grooming*: $30/30-45 min. visit
  • Pet Owner Tutorial: $30/1 hour visit

*Administration of meds includes oral, injectable, and topical. 

*For short periods of time, while meds are prescribed.

*Please call for pricing on long term medication administration.  

*Grooming pricing may increase based on length of visit. 

It can be very stressful for some animals to be packed into their carriers, or take an unwanted car ride.  While sometimes it just can't be avoided, I can help you do the right thing for your pet in the safest and least stressful way pawsible!

Allow your pet to have their nails trimmed in the comfort of their own home!  Have a sick pet and have no idea how you're going to manage the meds?  Call me and I will come help you!  I can come daily to administer the meds for you, or I can spend some time to support you in learning the best way to do it yourself. 

Vet Tech Care Services Include:

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